BLACK ALCHEMIST / PLAGUE / perfume extract


BLACK ALCHEMIST / PLAGUE, perfume extract 30 ml

NOTES: cedarwood, frankincense, incense, oakwood, oak moss,  labdanum, immortelle, benzoin, juniper, opopanax, amber, clove, burnt birch, narcissus, hyacinth.


BLACK ALCHEMIST / PLAGUE, perfume extract 30 ml (2021)

PLAGUE (2021). A subtle transformation of the mood of modern world into the atmosphere of a medieval plague. What does the plague smell like? Your nostrils smell some rotten wood, basement stuffing and putrid flowers. This is the conceptual fragrance of Death!


This artistic fragrance collection was launched at the end of 2019. First three fragrances were presented primarily not as practical products of perfumery but as olfactory objects. Rich woody and ambery nuances in each fragrance draw a different aromatic story and all together they form a certain perfume triptych. You can have and wear them separately, but they also seem to complement each other and can be a continuation of each other. The Nose of this capsule collection Aistis Mickevičius wanted to show how the same perfumery essences create such a different and nuanced impression. It’s like the black magic of an alchemist. At the end of 2020 collection was supplemented with two new fragrances and then 2021 PLAGUE was launched.

FUM 144
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