FUMparFUM creative studio was founded in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2011 as a creative platform and a brand of art and conceptual perfumery. The founder and perfumer is Aistis Mickevičius, a known artist, actor and radio DJ in Lithuania. He became interested in perfume creation and after several years of various studies he started from his own project. The brand name is pun, derived from the Latin Per Fumum, the Italian Profumo and the French Parfum.

FUMparFUM creative studio creates own fragrance lines and fragrant products for various business companies.

Every fragrance from FUMparFUM creative studio collections is handmade from the carefully selected premium quality natural and synthetic ingredients in very limited editions. The studio’s unique style combines old European tradition of perfume making and an original approach to modern perfumery. It also creates perfume sketches - an artistic expression of the imagination. All FUMparFUM creative studio fragrances are characterized by a sophisticated style, theatricality, unexpected botanic and molecular combinations, and a hint of modern vintage taste.

FUMparFUM creative studio’s Nose Aistis Mickevičius creates also scent installations for objects, galleries or exhibitions. In 2016 he published the first book about perfumery in Lithuanian language, called „Kvepalai“ („Perfumes“).


Travel, cities, personalities, botany, history, vintage, theather, cinema, humor, contemporary art.

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